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This is my experience and my journey… its about motivating and insipring others to overcome the obstacles of depression,anxiety,PTSD, borderline personaality disorder and addiction. "If you want to see a change in the world, then you have to become the change in the world".

Journal entry

Feelings - I’m feeling I have to get out of here, out of this feeling of uncertainty and loneliness. I feel like things are not happening fast enough like the world has slowed down so much that I have to... Continue Reading →

Heart Breaks

Being heart broken is needed I believe to be able to heal. If you your heart doesn't ache after a break up, then it was not as serious as you thought it was. That feeling when a building is on... Continue Reading →

You are Strong

I believe that the most "damaged" or "broken" people are the most bravest, most strongest and people with the most courage. They have been through what many may not been able to survive, and they have been to hell but... Continue Reading →

Acknowledging the Positive while depressed

I am sitting here in tears trying to control these thoughts that have been over running my mind this past month. I am trying to find ways to help myself get out of this depression. I am sitting here listening... Continue Reading →

What can be hard in this world is finding out things you probably knew already but tried to burry it so that you didn't have to think of it again. I have done that with so many things in my... Continue Reading →

The perfect storm

Depression is something many people struggle with on a daily basis. It's something that doesn't allow you to succeed or grow. It drowns you till you no longer can breath. It kills you slowly. Feelings like hopelessness and unworthyness feel... Continue Reading →

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, So I am in a place of pain and I want to blame someone and that someone is gonna be you because guess what because you didn’t teach me the skills to handle strong emotions or emotions at... Continue Reading →

What it is like to have a mental breakdown

With everyone, a mental breakdown means different things, either with the way people feel or the way people act, the way people see things, we all see it differently. For me, I have been having mental breakdowns since I was... Continue Reading →

figuring out BALANCE in life

So, its been a while since I have written a blog but I had to step back from my personal stories because they actually were triggering me and helping with a dark episode when I was already not doing well... Continue Reading →

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